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   Sam Teece, MPH RDN    &   Lainey Younkin, MS RD

Sam Teece, MPH RDN Lainey Younkin, MS RD

As Dietitians, we know the typical questions that we ask about the products we recommend, so, we piled that information into categories for you. Take a peek at the pages above & let us answer your questions! 

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Why Lainey & Sam Choose:

Plant Stanols for Reducing Cholesterol

Plant stanols are proven to reduce cholesterol for most people, and are supported by 80+ peer-reviewed clinical studies. So, the team at Benecol® put 2 grams of plant stanols into 2 tablespoons of buttery spreads.

The result? A functional food that tastes like butter and works like magic, without any known side effects. Benecol® is an easy way to get the recommended 2 grams of plant stanols per day, which has been shown to significantly reduce LDL and total cholesterol for most people.

Fun Facts For Dietitians about Benecol®

  • Benecol® Original can be used in cooking and baking as a 1:1 swap for butter
  • For clients on a statin, Benecol® can provide an additional reduction in cholesterol
  • Clients only need 2 tablespoons per day to get the recommended 2 grams of plant stanols

Our Benecol® Recipe Favorites

Sam's Pick: "Savory Oatmeal! I like to mix 1 tablespoon of Benecol® into oatmeal and add fruits and mixed nuts - it adds a savory component that's different from the traditional oatmeal toppings."

Lainey's Pick: "Any vegetable topped with melted Benecol®! Customized with fresh herbs and spices, of course!"