Tastes Like Butter. Work Like Magic. 


Benecol® Original and Light spreads are butter substitutes without the sacrifice. Rich, creamy and delicious, you'll feel good about using them in place of butter every day. And the best part? With the plant stanols in Benecol® spreads, you can actually lower your cholesterol without giving up the buttery flavor you crave. Lavish them on your morning muffin, toast or bagel. Mix them into your favorite cookie recipes. Or melt them over warm vegetables at dinner.

Benecol® spreads are 100% free of partially-hydrogenated oils, and they're now made with whey and real buttermilk for an even richer buttery taste. 

 Eat just 4 tablespoons per day and watch your cholesterol levels drop in as little as two weeks. 

Nutrition Information

Benecol® Original Spread:

Original Nutritionals.png

Benecol® Light Spread: