Below you'll find Frequently Asked Questions about the chocolate Benecol® Soft Chews - if you're looking for nutrition information or more, journey over to our other pages! 


About the Chews

What is a serving of Benecol® Soft Chews?

One daily serving of Benecol® Soft Chews is 4 chews, which provides the recommended 2 grams of plant stanols per day.

How much stanol is in a serving of Benecol® Soft Chews?

The recommended amount of plant stanols per day is 2 grams, which is found in 4 chews. 

Can I eat more than the suggested serving size of 4 Chews for more cholesterol reduction?

The research compiled by the FDA that support that Significant Scientific Agreement (SSA) claim given to plant stanols and reducing cholesterol and risk of heart disease on average shows cholesterol reduction with a daily intake of 2 grams of plant stanols per day. The FDA claim states 2 grams per day. We recommend you consult with a healthcare professional if you are thinking of using more than the recommended amount.

Are Benecol® Soft Chews Kosher?

Yes, Benecol® Soft Chews are kosher.

Are Benecol® Soft Chews gluten-free?

Yes, Benecol® Soft Chews are gluten-free.

Are Benecol® Soft Chews dairy-free?

No, Benecol® Soft Chews contain milk products.

Are Benecol® Soft Chews nut-free?

Benecol® Chews, though do not contain nut products, are manufactured and processed on equipment that also processes nut-containing products.

Do Benecol® Soft Chews contain trans fats?

Benecol® Soft Chews are made with no partially hydrogenated oils and contain 0 grams of trans fat per serving.

Do you use GMOs?

Our product does not currently hold a Non-GMO certificate.

Usage & Safety

Do Benecol® Soft Chews go bad?

An expiration date can be found on the front of each bag underneath the Benecol logo. We recommend that you not consume the Soft Chews past this date.

Can I leave Benecol® Soft Chews out of the fridge?

We recommend storing the chews at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, in a dry place!

Can I freeze the Chews?

Do not freeze the Chews. Product should be stored in a cool, dry place or room temperature.

How do I safely use my Chews?

We recommend following the directions on the pack in regards to serving size, storage directions, and other safety indicators.

My child got into my Chews bag and ate some - what should I do?  

There are clinical studies showing the safety of plant stanols in pediatric populations, with no known side effects. We recommend you reach out to your pediatrician with specific concerns.

Can I use chews on top of a statin?

"Statins" are a class of drugs that prevent the production of cholesterol in the liver. Because they work differently, Benecol® Products can be used in conjunction with a statin to achieve additional, cholesterol lowering results.

I’m on a diet – can I use chews?

Yes, the plant stanols in Benecol® Products affect biliary as well as dietary cholesterol absorption. Studies have demonstrated that the addition of plant stanol esters to a low saturated fat, low cholesterol diet result in significant additional lowering of serum LDL and total cholesterol.

Can I use chews with other medications?

There is no clinical evidence that plant stanols interfere with any medications. In clinical studies on plant stanols, no drug interactions were reported. And, to date, no drug interactions have been reported in medical literature.

How will I know if the plant stanols in my Benecol® Soft Chews are working?

We recommend having your cholesterol level measured by a healthcare professional.

Are Benecol® Soft Chews bad for consumers’ teeth?

We recommend consumers brush their teeth after consuming this product, just like they would for any other food. We recommend consumers consult with their dentist if they have specific concerns.

My doctor told me not to have sugar – can I still have the chews?

We recommend you speak to your doctor about this. If it helps, we have a 1-page information sheet with everything you need to know about the Chews.

I’m allergic to milk – why do the chews have milk in them?

Thank you for reaching out with your comments. We recognize that this does not meet the needs of those who require a dairy-free product, and we will pass your comments on to product development for consideration