About the Plant Stanols in Benecol® Products

Plant stanols are clinically proven to reduce cholesterol. 

Correct - there have been 70+ peer-reviewed clinical studies that demonstrate the overall success of plant stanols reducing cholesterol in various populations. And, the Food & Drug Administration gives the Significant Scientific Agreement (SSA) claim to using plant stanols are a strategy to reduce cholesterol, which may reduce the overall risk of heart disease.

Is there a recommended daily intake level for plant stanols? 

The FDA, as well as a large number of clinical studies, support the use of 2-3 grams of plant stanols/sterols per day to reduce cholesterol levels.

Can I lower my cholesterol even more by adding plant stanols to a healthy diet already low in saturated fat and cholesterol?

Studies have demonstrated that the addition of plant stanol esters to a low saturated fat, low cholesterol diet result in significant additional lowering of serum LDL and total cholesterol.

What if I'm already taking a statin medication? 

"Statins" are a class of drugs that prevent the production of cholesterol in the liver. Because they work differently, plant stanols can be used in conjunction with a statin to achieve additional, cholesterol lowering results.

Will plant stanols in Benecol® interfere with my other prescription medications?

There is no clinical evidence that plant stanols interfere with any medications. In clinical studies on plant stanols, no drug interactions were reported. And, to date, no drug interactions have been reported in medical literature.

How will I know if the plant stanols are lowering my cholesterol?

We recommend having your cholesterol level measured by a healthcare professional.

Will plant stanols affect my good cholesterol (HDL)? Do they reduce triglycerides?

Plant stanol esters have not been found to affect HDL-cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

Are there side effects from consuming plant stanols?

No - plant stanols have an excellent safety profile, which has been demonstrated by over 70 published clinical studies. Millions of individuals have consumed Benecol® Products since their launch in Finland in 1995. Furthermore, plant stanols are virtually un-absorbed by the body and are excreted.