Do I need to write a prescription for Benecol® Products?

No. Benecol® Products are not drugs. They may be found in your local grocery store (buttery spreads) or on Amazon (chocolate Soft Chews).

Is it safe and more effective to consume more than the recommended serving of Benecol® Products per day?

Benecol® Products have an excellent safety profile. For cholesterol-lowering benefits, 2 grams of plant stanols per day is recommended. There is 0.5 grams of plant stanols per 1 Tablespoon of Benecol®, and 0.5 grams of plant stanols per 1 Benecol® Chew. We suggest using the recommended amount to equal 2 grams of plant stanols per day. 

Are there adverse effects associated with the use of Benecol® Products?

In clinical studies, side effects with plant stanol esters were comparable to placebo. Plant stanol esters have an excellent safety profile. This safety record is further supported by over 21 years of experience with plant stanol esters consumed as Benecol® Products. 

Do Benecol® Products interact with any drugs?

There is no clinical evidence that the plant stanol esters in Benecol® interfere with any medications. In clinical studies on plant stanol esters, no drug interactions were reported. And, to date, no drug interactions have been reported in medical literature.

Do plant stanol esters accumulate in the body?

No, they are first broken down into the stanol and fatty acid components. Plant stanols are minimally absorbed and are excreted. The fatty acid component is digested and metabolized just like other dietary fats.

Will my patients gain weight when they consume Benecol® Products? 

In clinical trials there was no evidence of weight gain with the use of plant stanols, found in Benecol® Products. Benecol® Spreads and Chews should be used as part of a healthy diet with proper exercise.

Do Benecol® Products reduce the absorption of carotenoids (beta-carotene)?

Plant stanols do not have a clinically significant effect on fat soluble vitamin status (A,D,E,K). Some studies have shown a significant but small reduction in serum beta-carotene levels but in all of these studies, the beta-carotene concentrations have remained within reference values. Moreover, this small reduction can be prevented by consuming a recommended amount of fruit and vegetables in the daily diet.

Are Benecol® Products safe for patients with diabetes? 

Yes. Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of plant stanol esters in blocking the absorption of cholesterol in individuals with diabetes. Individuals with diabetes should refer to the package for nutritional information related to Benecol® Products, or speak with a healthcare professional about how to incorporate Benecol® Products into their dietary regimen. Stanols are also referenced in the American Diabetes Association under "Cardiovascular Disease and Risk Management"

Are Benecol® Products safe for children?

Yes. Published studies report the safety and efficacy of plant stanol ester intake in children on diet therapy for the management of high cholesterol. Stanols are also referenced on the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute website

Are there certain groups who should not consume Benecol® Products? 

Benecol® Products are appropriate for all people who are concerned about their cholesterol levels. Those with elevated cholesterol should consult with a healthcare professional about their condition.

Do Benecol® Products contain trans fatty acids? 

Benecol® Light and Original are made with no partially hydrogenated oils and contain 0 grams of trans fat per serving. Benecol® Chews have 0 grams of trans fat per serving.